Photo: Hanne Nielsen


Rådhustorvet, 2017

Age: all ages
Duration: 45 min.

NB! This is an outdoor performance - no ticket reservation.
The mayor of Horsens, Peter Sørensen, will give an opening speech.
After the opening Horsens Teaterfestival invites you to a glass of champagne.

The focus point of BEVÆGELSE is the people of Horsens and the town itself. The opening will be in front of the City Hall, where there is plenty of room for everyone!

Most of us probably know flashmobs - but BEVÆGELSE is stronger. We also know protest marches and demonstrations - but BEVÆGELSE is abstract. What makes a big group of people move together? And how powerful, dangerous and impressive can a big group of people become when they fall into synchronous movements? Come by and experience regular situations in new ways with people you might know.

BEVÆGELSE is a diverse mix of two Belgian choreographers and theatre directors, three professional dancers and people of Horsens in all ages with many different backgrounds. 

Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Ives Thuwis and Gregory Caers are two Belgian choreographers and theatre directors who together with the people of Horsens and the dancers Helene Brøndsted, Pernille Sørensen, and Mette Overgaard have created this year's opening performance BEVÆGELSE.     

Indholdsansvarlig Maria Suh,  

Horsens Kommunes byvåben

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