Photo: Kaja Brezocnik


NB! Performance on the move in the pedestrian streets - no ticket reservation.

An interplanetary expedition of immigrants from outer space has landed on our planet. Peculiar pink creatures turns up everywhere in the streets… Do you run and hide? Call the Police? Or do you come out and play? 

Horsens town centre is invated by pink Aliens, when Slovinian LJUD group pays Horsens Theatre Festival a visit. They are exploring the city, establishing contact with the human race, teaching us their habits and learning from us. Luckily they are visible – as they are PINK! 

The INVASION project is not a typical theatre show. It is a game, a movement, a pink virus spreading around the world and inviting everybody to join in. 

Theatre on the move in the streets from Horsens Ny Teater and futher out in the city – come along!

The LJUD group was established in 2006, with a goal to bring high quality contemporary art to a wider audience. It consists of directors, performers and visual artists from across Europe dedicated to exploring the possibilities of artistic expression in public space and new theatrical forms based on interaction rather than presentation. While developing The INVASION project, several outstanding young anthropologists joined our team and they are still significantly contributing to our contents and working methods.

In the last two years LJUD group has enriched the field of their work by developing original approaches to educational, social and environmental projects.

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