Photo: Ingrid Bugge

Asterions Hus: Romeo and Juliet

Rådhusparken (Outdoor)
Sunday 10.30

City Hall (Rådhuset) (indoor)
Sunday 14.00
Age: from 9 years
Duration: 50 min.

NB! The performance in Rådhusparken is outdoor - no ticket reservation necessary 
In case of bad weater the performance wil play inside in the city hall (Rådhuset)

Asterions Hus works with the greatest love story ever told, the story of Romeo and Juliet.
In their hands, Shakespeare's amazing text unfolds in wormsdance, sumowrestlers in love, and a choir of gartners.
Never before has there been so much life in playing dead!
24 scenes, 24 deroutes and 24 celebrations of love's many faces.... and endings.

Actors: Tilde Knudsen og Martin Ammundsen
Directors: Emil Hansen og Peter Kirk

Indholdsansvarlig Maria Suh,  

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